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Brain Bashers – High School VIII Standard

High School – VIII Standard
Brain Bashers 2017

Math is an integral part of life. It is more than an obscenely difficult, abstract subject we need to learn at school to become more globally competitive math signifies, “Every problem has solution”.
Keeping this in mind, our school provides us with innovative and brainstorming activities related to this wonderful subject, collectively known as “BRAIN BASHERS”
Brain bashers consist of many activities and this year, for the eighth graders, our teachers came up with three encouraging competitions.
The first of which being ‘The Maze’. The name itself indicates an involvement of fun in solving. This activity was not just about formulas and equations but, was about quick thinking and application of what we have learned. As there was a time limit, this tested the ability of students to a great extent. It involved many puzzles that boosted our logical thinking.
The second activity was ‘JAM – Just A Minute’, which was an entirely new experience for the young minds. Our ancestors developed faster methods of calculation based on sutras, which is now called as ‘Vedic Math’ and this was the theme of the activity. This activity signified the rich knowledge of India and made solving difficult sums seem to like eating a piece of cake.
The last activity was the ‘Geometric Puzzle’. Just as the name suggests, this activity puzzled the minds of its participants by involving analytical thinking in geometry.
All in all, the events that were organized helped to create a bond between Math, a feared subject, and the students. The events provided a totally different view to math making the day a memorable one.

-Nikhita A And Apoorva Prashanth.

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