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Brain Bashers – Primary

Brain Bashers 2017

Every year Vidyaniketan Public School conducts “Brain Bashers” – An innovative program based on mathematical skills.
The Mathematics department of the school aims to enrich the innate mathematical skills of the children from primary to higher secondary levels. Inauguration of Brain Bashers was held on Monday, the 24th of July 2017. Our honorable Principal Sri Vijai Krishna Rajagopal unveiled the Logo. The Logo depicted functions of the left and right brain viz. “logical and creative thinking”. The welcome speech was given by Sathvik Bharadwaj of 7th F. Students of primary wing sang Kannada and Sanskrit songs about the prominence of mathematics in real life and salutations to the great Indian mathematician Srinivasa Ramanujam. There was also a dance to demonstrate the existence of mathematics in performing arts. Sinchana of 4th B gave a speech on the application of mathematics in Bharathanatyam. A speech was rendered by our principal, which emphasized the importance of mathematics.
The individual events that took place in the week-long celebration were
“Numbers in Nature” and Amazing Path” By class 1 students.
“Shape Zone” By Class 2 Students.
Drawing vehicles using 2-dimensional shapes by class 3 students
“Fun with Circles” By class 4 students
“Ping Pong Game” Based on a collective recitation of tables by class levels 2,3, and 4. There was an overwhelming response from all the students.
The following group events were conducted to enhance collective thinking among students.
Math puzzle for class 2
Model making for class 3
Symmetry for class 4
The students displayed immense creativity.
Brain bashers provided an excellent platform for the students to showcase their hidden talents by applying their mathematical knowledge. 160 children were given awards for their contributions. The program was a great success.

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