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Celebrating Our Independence 2017-18


Independence is not just being free from someone’s rule; it is the right to live with our heads held high. This was clearly shown in the Independence Day celebrations in Vidyaniketan Public School and Pre-University College. The event started with the hoisting of the national flag by our beloved principal, Vijay sir. After this event, the march past began, which left us entranced. The students who marched with their head held high left us beaming with pride. Following this was the band playing the song,’ Sare Jahan Se Achcha’. Next, the invocation song was sung by the high school students. Yashtiga of class 10 welcomed the gathering. Then, our principal shared his views and gave us an inspirational speech. Then came the nursery kids who danced happily to the tune of patriotism. Later Likith.S of class 10 delivered a speech on how independence is important and how it should be cherished. The middle school students then showed their aerobic skills by demonstrating various yoga postures with a rhythm in the background and exhibited their flexibility. Haritha.R of 2nd PU delivered a speech in Hindi about our duties towards our motherland. Then the middle school students gave a dance performance using Lezims. We were filled with a sense of excitement after the performance. Pradeep of class 9 delivered a speech in Kannada about our glorious nation. Then it was the turn of the middle school students who enraptured us with a song about our beautiful nation. After this, Apeksha Pai and Bhoomika.K of 2nd PU delivered a speech in Sanskrit about our nation. Followed by them were the high school and college students who entertained us by singing a beautiful song. It was followed by a dance performance by all class levels. The dance was choreographed by our dance teacher Mrs. Bindumati ma’am. Just before the vote of thanks was given by Tushar Hegde of class 10, the award for the best marching contingent was given out. The first prize was given to Einstein House which was led by Karunya.P and Pawan Gopal, and the second prize was given to the Faraday house which was led by Ridhi. V and Sanjay.N. The program ended on a high note with patriotism filled in every pore and a sense of pride in telling that yes this is our India whom we will love and respect forever.

-Aakanksha Awasthy
I PUC Commerce

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