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Environment Day Report Primary

ENVIRONMENT DAY REPORT 2017-18 [Wednesday,7th June 2017]

Environment day was celebrated on 7th June in our school. Various activities were conducted to bring awareness to the students about the environmental issues. Various competitions were held from class I to IV.
Students of class III and IV performed a dance. Students of class I to IV took a pledge for saving the environment.


Drawing Competition: A common activity across level I to IV. The theme for drawing was “Connecting People to Nature”. Children were able to think and apply their knowledge about Environment and drew a scenery for the theme.
College Competition: An individual activity conducted for class I. children were able to visualize the concise picture and paste different bits of paper to complete the college of given pictures (outline) like Fish, Butterfly, House, and Flower.
Talk About: Save water / Save electricity. This was again an individual activity for class I. children were able to speak a few sentences about the topics and were aware of the simple problems in their daily routine tasks.
Example: a. If water is wasted……………
b. To switch off Fans and other appliances……………….
Nest Making: students of class III and IV were able to make a nest using eco. Friendly materials using their creativity. This was an individual activity.
Pookalam: An art of Rangoli design using natural flowers for decorating students were able to draw a different pattern in the space provided for definite measurement and decorated the same with different colored natural flowers. This competition was held for class III and IV. It was a group activity where 6-7 students participated in each group.
Flower making: Students of class II participated in flower making using waste paper (materials). It was a group of 6 or 7. Students showed team spirit, co-operation among themselves and made flowers using their creativity.
Drawing a sketch of a house and arranging with Eco-friendly materials like dry sticks, recycled paper, and dry leaves. This activity was done by the students of class II. This activity was an individual activity.

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