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Environment Day Report Middle school

Middle School
Environment Day Celebration

As a part of environmental day celebrations which was held on June 2017 for class levels V, VI, and VII had come up with various competitions.

V Standard – 30th June 2017
T-Shirt Painting (Group Activity)
Drawing Competition (Individual Activity)
Leaf Painting (Individual Activity)
VI Standard – 29th June 2017
Painting On Gunny Bag (Group Activity)
Painting on a Coffee Mug (Individual Activity)
Sand Art (Individual Activity)
VII Standard – 28th June 2017
3D Model (Group Activity)
Hand Painting (Individual Activity)
Art by Dry Leaves and Flowers (Individual Activity)

Each and every student had to compulsorily participate in one or the other competition. Students actively participated and brought a meaning to the events. Judges had a tough time to select the students for prizes.
All teachers, subject teachers, students worked as a team, for the success of the competition irrespective of their subjects and departments.
Competitions were held smoothly and were successful due to preplanning, well organizing, support and hard work by each and everyone involved.

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