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Environmental Day Report X


“Go Green” is what they say
come on let’s all obey
nature has given us a lot
let’s plan a conservation plot”
From your backyard to your favorite national park, Nature is closer than you think…..however it’s time to discover the beauty and connect people to nature. ‘World environment day’ is the biggest national event aiming at connecting people to nature. Our school celebrated this green day 2017 hosting fun-packed events. Being a part of these activities gave us an opportunity to share our ideas and activities for making our world cleaner, greener and brighter.
“The season of failure is the best time for sowing seeds of success”. As the quote goes, seed ball is an innovative way to compensate the large destruction of trees caused by humans. It basically consists of a mixture of red soil and cow dung mixed with other bio-compost. These semi-solid mixtures are shaped into balls with seeds placed within them. These are thrown in different regions which later grow into trees. All the class 10 students sat down with great enthusiasm as we prepared about 3000 seed balls providing our modest contribution in conserving the environment.
The photography enthusiasts were given a golden opportunity as they showcased their photography skills by capturing some rare and unique species. They presented their work by speaking about it – the problem and conservatory measures- and enlightened the rest about some little contributions they could make in order to conserve such species. Students participated in large numbers sensitizing everybody about the need to go wild for life.
The design world is abuzz with the rise of web pages and sites. During the green day, our school got this unique idea of organizing an event – ‘Webpage Designing’. The theme, “Go wild for life”, said it all. The masterminds came up with beautiful pages portraying the need of conservation. With two hours at hands, they gave their best!!

The last event- The Panel Discussion gracefully summed up the extravaganza. While a few panels came up with a discussion the other students weighed on the topic, “Green Economy”. The masters showed their involvement by joining in the discussion. Their urge to put it their points remained for a long time but their time allotted is 10 minutes didn’t support them for long.   Though some discussions turned out to be a debate, all the participants went out with satisfactory faces by the end.

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