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High School–IX Standard Brain Bashers 2017

High School – IX Standard
Brain Bashers 2017

An eventful day bubbling with enthusiasm all around! Everyone’s gray matter was triggered and indulged in various activities. Everyone gave their best and were determined to win a prize. This day was ‘Brain Bashers’ completion day.
The main motive behind ‘Brain Bashers’ was to bring out the creative best in a peaceful and harmonious way in the rather repulsive students of today’s generation. This idea was quite a successful one and everyone took part enthusiastically.
‘Brain Bashers’ for class nine included some of the most interesting games like ‘Crossword’, ‘Math bingo’ and a group activity by the name ‘Game Masters’. These games helped the students in showcasing their creativity. Their brilliant minds and a lot of other hidden talents. The activity of ‘Gamemasters’ put forth some of the best math games whereas the activity of ‘crossword’ and ‘math bingo’ helped the students to display their genius minds.
The enthusiasm the determination and the continual progress in the minds of the students was evident throughout the program. The teachers, who came to judge the work of the students were unfailingly fair and enthusiastic too. This competition was indeed a surreal experience for all the vidyaniketanites and hopefully, we get to witness such brain-teasing activities in the near future.

-Nidhi and Omkar

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