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Oath Taking Ceremony 2017-18

The Art of Succeeding!
Oath Taking Ceremony
(As Told By Pickbrain – Giri Balasubramaniam)
It was 24th of July, 2017 a casual day like every other. There was one difference, students were ignited by an amazing personality, exceptional orator and an educator – Mr.Giri Balasubramanian, fondly addressed as ‘Pickbrain’.
The excitement could be heard in every nook and corner of the school because the elected representatives were going to officially inducted into the system.
As the saying goes “Appearances are deceptive”, this great man was dressed in a simple green kurta yet he ignited a spark in every individual present in the auditorium. He was welcomed by a list of his achievements but he told the audience that this success was accompanied by an equally long list of failures.
The first lesson that he gave to us was that we must never be afraid to fail. He added on that no matter how many times fate ditches you down, you ought to rise up with your head held high.
Out of the experience of his own life, he guided us to set high benchmarks and confidently reach them. He shared his experience of being in Harward university where the passing marks were a 90%.
He continuously stressed on the fact that excellence matters by giving examples about maintaining a centum rate of success is it a doctor, a pilot or anyone for that matter.
The next lesson he gave us was to ‘never give up’ whatsoever. He narrator an anecdote of Tom Whittaker, the first especially abled person in the world to scale Mount Everest. He talked about how his friend inspired Tom Whittaker to scale the Everest to push himself beyond his limits. This anecdote enthralled the audience whose thunderous applause resounded in the auditorium for long.
He told that one thing that is hindering the youth to succeed is ‘Laziness’, a class relative of all the dreamers. He also told that hard work pays overwhelming rewards and nobody died of hard work. This light-hearted statement instilled amongst students that hard work was the key to success.
The last lesson he had in store for us was about being humble. One trait that was shared amongst famous achievers like hate. Dr.APJ Abdul Kalam, Nelson Mandela, and others were humility. Being humble is the greatest need for all those who aspire to achieve. His speech inspired each and everyone in the auditorium to get onto our toes and succeed in life while being down to earth. He truly ignited the competitive inner self within us.

-Chaitra (X F)
-Greeshma B T (X F)

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