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Report on Election 2017-18

Student council elections 2017-2018

“The power of voting is not given to everyone but when given to someone, it carries immense power”
Accordingly, the young voters of Vidyaniketan Public School set out to prove the same, as the procedure for the student council elections – 2017-2018 began in the month of June 2017.As a major reform in the system, The post of middle school pupil leader was created for the for the first time for the seventh graders in order to make the council more representative.
On the third day of June 2017, the candidates for MSPL delivered their speeches to convince the voters to cast their vote for them.On seventh July the students entered into a voting spree, as they exercised their valuable Right in the online lab.The added advantage is that we at VPS, conduct “Paperless elections by making provisions for the voters to cast their votes online
At the high school level for the more powerful posts of ASPL, and SPL, the elections were brisk and full of enthusiasm.After the candidates completed the formalities of filing nominations, they established their oratory skills in the auditorium in an effort to draw the voters support towards them on 7th July. The following day saw the aspirants launch a full-fledged campaign, trying to muster as much support as they could through attractive posters and speeches. They wrapped up the campaign at the end of the day and excitedly looked forward to the elections.
Two days later, on 10th July, the big day of elections arrived. Butterflies flew in the candidate’s stomach as the students cast their votes.
The school erupted in joy the next day, as the Principal-Mr. Vijay Krishna sir announced the results, which is as follows:-

MSPL-Boy –Samith.S. (VII)
MSPL-Girl-Bhavana Priya (VII)
ASPL-Boy-Shreesh Gowda (IX)
ASPL-Girl-Mousami Shenoy(IX)
SPL-Boy-Nikhil .R.S. (X)
SPL –Girls- Chaitra .C.U.(X)

Along with it, the other students who were also inducted to the council are as follows
Discipline Leader –Anoop and Spandana Roa
Event Manager-Lokaveer
Cultural Secretary –Likith.S.
Student Editor- Shreya Shetty .G.R.
Sports Secretary-Sneha .G.S.
The same day, principal sir met the elected representatives and gave them his advice. On 24th July
2017, the investiture ceremony was held in order to formally incorporate the representatives in
the council. Gracing the occasion was renowned quizmaster Sri Giri ‘Picbrain’ Balasubramanyam
sir who is the founder and CEO of Greycaps, India’s largest onstage quizzing and knowledge service
providers .
Being scintillating orator, Giri sir captivated the audience with his wonderful speech.Not
just talk he did, Sir taught us valuable lessons of life, that is

i) To not give up
ii)To be ready to fail
iii)To aim higher
iv)And to be humble

There he explained with anecdotes, some of which he was personally involved with.Later we the
school principal speaking his mind to us. The representative, decorated with the sash and badges by
the esteemed chief guest, took their oath to abide by the rule and follow the tradition of the school
along with doing the needful.The elected leader gave their thanksgiving speeches expressing their
gratitude towards the voters for place trust upon them and electing them
The program ended with ‘National Anthem’ being sung.Though it was the end of an
occasion, it was the new beginning for the leaders, as there were lots to come by in future.
With, all we can tell now is that VPS did prove that
‘Elections are the greatest symbols of participation and reform’


Cultural secretary.

-Shreya Shetty G R

Student Editor

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