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Yellow Day Celebration : Pre-Nursery 2017-18

Yellow Day Celebration: Pre-Nursery


“Yellow is the color of sunshine, hope, and happiness. On the other hand, “Yellow stands for freshness, positivity, and clarity. Shades of yellow stimulate our little ones with energy and optimism.
The ‘yellow’ color was highlighted when children viewed lush of yellow colors in Pre-Nursery block.
With an objective of introducing the yellow color various activities were planned and executed.
As an introductory class activity, yellow paint was mixed in plain clear water.
“Yellow” color was made more obvious by arranging all the yellow colored objects brought the children in the corridor to view it.
Blowing a yellow balloon – a fun-filled activity brought about more awareness of yellow color.
Finally – a Frock for girls and A shirt for boys was given as a take-home gift to all the children made out of KG Sheet.

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