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Summit Within

The projects we were going to present were:
1. Decreasing the pathogenic microbes present in a water body using EM1 solution.
2. Lake Rejuvenation.
Our projects attracted the Brazilians and many other science enthusiasts who had faced similar problems in their countries. Hence we had a rush of people coming to our stall and it was extremely gratifying to explain them about our projects.
On the final day of the event, the awards were distributed. Everyone was on the tip of their toes, anxiously awaiting the results. We also had our fingers crossed. Finally, the time had come and the judges announced the top ten projects out of all the displays.
‘INDIA STANDS FIRST OVER 78 COUNTRIES’……. The words echoed in the auditorium bringing tears of joy and excitement in us. All four of us were on ‘cloud nine’, finding it difficult to believe that We, representing our country, had really clinched the crown!!!! It wouldn’t be wrong to say that the proudest and happiest moment of our lives was this when we were awarded the Gold medals for our diligent efforts.
The summit was preceded by a rendezvous with our former Prime Minister Shri H.D. Devegowda and the Union minister for Science and Technology, Dr. Harshavardhan, at Delhi. It was a great opportunity for us to present our projects and discuss them with these eminent personalities, under the guidance and support of Mr. Anuj Sinha, chairman at NCSTC network.
This summit wouldn’t have been possible without the support of our Principal, Mr. Vijaikrishna, our teachers, the accounts department, family, friends, and well-wishers. We are also very grateful to our mentor, Dr. Harish Bhat [IISc], who trained us with undying passion and infinite patience.
BRAZIL [Beautiful, Resourceful, Adventurous, Zealous, Interesting Land] has provided us a lifetime of beautiful experiences – new ideas, new learning, new friends and great exposure. The four eventful days in Fortaleza have been etched in our memories in ornate words and will be cherished for the years to come.

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