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English Literary Week – lX standard

English Literary Week
9th Standard

Every school constitutes a huge role in hunting and developing young minds and their perspectives. On the 30th of October, this year Our school conducted many activities so as to trigger and boost the thinking capacity and creativity amongst us. And it proceeded very well. The first activity initiated team spirit and involved students picturing their thoughts and bringing their activities to building their own newspapers. The second activity was  “Tevin Coat” where students were expected to debate on the which they choose.

It was a day where we saw creativity exploding in every piece of art. It was a wonderful opportunity to think out of the box. Students participated in the ‘Editor’s Zone’ in large numbers. Enthusiasm was filled in every student’s heart. The competition started after the lunch break and every student was seen with a pencil, pen, or other stationery materials just after the bell rang. As this was a group activity, everyone had put their heart and soul to make their newspaper the best. Each of the newspaper was done so beautifully and diligently that it was a treat to everyone’s eyes. It ignited our minds, gave us a platform to showcase our hobbies, amidst our hectic work schedule. We rejoiced the activity to the fullest.

The second activity was ‘Turn Coat’ and involved students to choose a topic and debate about the pros and the cons of it with themselves. It really put forward a challenge to the students in order to place both the bright side and the dark side, impartially. The students, however, performed very well and put a show in such a way that the judges were in a complete dilemma to select the winners.

Active participation of all students with great enthusiasm fulfilled the purpose of setting up such a competition. Everyone was in the best version of themselves and the program came out with flying colours.

Divya K m [IX ‘D’]

Tanya Sridhar [IX ‘D’]

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