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LKG Saraswathi Pooja


Saraswathi Pooja (Navarathri Festival)

Saraswathi Pooja was celebrated by LKG students on 27th of September 2017. It is celebrated during Navarathri(Dasara). Children were asked to bring clay dolls which were exhibited during Dasara. Dolls brought by students were kept together as a display (Doll Show) under themes like Village set up, Dasara Procession, Stuff dolls etc in five steps. The children were asked to wear ethnic clothes. A main attraction of the doll show was the idol of Saraswathi. Each class went to see the doll show in turns. Children were very curious to find dolls brought by them in doll show. They chanted shlokas and danced in front of the dolls. Teachers narrated stories related to Dasara and the way it was celebrated in the olden days in Mysuru. Stories of Goddess Durga was narrated to children, with details of Mahishasuramardhini story – how she fought against evils of demon Mahishasura to bring good the world. Teachers distributed Prasada to the children. Children were asked to narrate the complete event to their parents about Dasara festival celebration in School and bring reports written by parents the next day. All teachers of the School visited the doll show. Pre-Nursery, UKG and Children from First Second Standard too came to see the doll show. After the Tenth day of Dasara, dolls were sent back to their houses neatly packed. Thus LKG celebrated Navarathri in a traditional and simple manner.

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Navarathri: The festival of Dolls

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