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Report on Sports Events – Primary School

Report on Sports Events
Primary 1-4

The sports event which took place in the month of October 2017, had three exciting competitions for each level of class 1-4. For class 1, the sections were divided into two groups from A to E and from F to J as there are ten sections and competitions were conducted accordingly. The children were very enthusiastic and high spiritedly participated in all the events.

The different competitions for Primary were:-

Class 1:

  • Fun race
  • Rings on Cones
  • Running race


Class 2:

  • Running race
  • Arrange the cones
  • Going to school


Class 3:

  • Single leg race
  • Obstacle race
  • Running race


Class 4:

  • Running race
  • Obstacle race
  • Hurdles race

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