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Campaign in NELE Foundation

Campaign in NELE Foundation

Education, we believe is the greatest wealth one can have. We the family of VPS decided to help the children by donating something which is useful for their education and made our plans to reach such needy children,
“ Nele Foundation” – An orphanage for Girls, Ullal, Bengaluru.

  • The mission was to distribute the recycled note books along with the stationary kits, which is supported by “Youth for Seva” to the girls in the foundation on Monday 20/11/2017. These girls are studying in the Government School who are either from very poor families or orphans.

  • The teachers and students of class 1-4 were involved in the campaign. It was a huge successful programme as we were able to collect old note books from our students in great numbers and recycled it into new note books. These books were distributed to the children of NELE FOUNDATION along with stationary kits.

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