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Eco School in govt to be died

Eco School Programme in Govt School Report

As a part of eco-school programme, students of class 3, 4 and 5 were taken to Government Higher Primary School, Ullal. To bring the awareness on

    • Protecting Our Environment, in particular, waste management
    • Health and Hygiene
    • Biodiversity
  • The students started the programme with a prayer followed by a Skit on waste management. It was then followed by a hands-on activity, like preparing products out of waste. Students were made into groups and they enjoyed doing the best out of waste. The products made were gifted to those children.
  • Group song was sung by our students through which awareness towards Environment was conveyed.
  • Students spread the awareness on Health and Hygiene by sitting in small groups and the interaction between the students was good.
  • Students spoke about Bio-diversity and awareness on “LIVE AND LET LIVE’.
  • Students of Govt school expressed happiness about the programme and the innovative ideas used by our students.
  • The Head Master of Govt School said he would inculcate the awareness of the environment in the school.
  • Finally, 3R badges were distributed to the children to follow environment awareness in their day to day life to make a better world.

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