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Mera Bharath Mahan-Social Science Week

Report On Social Science Week – ‘Mera Bharath Mahan’ – 2017-18

“Prepare like you have never won and performed like you have never lost”.

The social Science Week for the academic year 2017-18 began in the month of November with classes VIII, IX and X participating.

Class VIII students had their competitions on 22nd November 2017 with events like a pick and speak (everything about a state) and a dramatization called the ‘History with a Twist’. Both of these activities were participated by the students with full zeal and they also acquired a lot of General Knowledge about the Governors, Chief Ministers, Culture and Art of those states. It was a grand success with many students winning prizes.
On 24th November Class IX, students had activities like Cookery and Travelogue. Students joined the competitions with full zest and showed their culinary skills by preparing dishes without the use of fire and they prepared only traditional Indian dishes. In the travelogue activity, the students selected tourist places like Kerala, Jammu Kashmir, Karnataka etc. to highlight the collection of their details regarding those places. It was beautifully depicted and the details were so crystal clear that one would love to visit these places.
Last but not the least, Class X students had two activities like ‘Web Designing’ and ‘We Shall Overcome’ on 25th November which was regarding social/political issues with solutions.

Students took up sensitive topics like Transgender issues, economic exploitation’ (awareness Campaigns). Women empowerment etc. which were enacted by students without any inhibitions, which emoted the judges too.

The students showed that they not only excelled in academics but in co-curricular activities also.

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