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IGNITE – 2018 at Vidyaniketan was the celebration of a splendid assemblage of the amazing science and culture.  The event was inaugurated by Dr. Uma Ramakrishnan an imminent scientist, and was conducted for two days 30th November 2018 and 1st December 2018.

The main theme of IGNITE – 2018 was “Science for Nation Building”.  While students of Middle School and High School embodied the Sub Themes   like ‘Yoga for Physical, Emotional’, ‘Social and Spiritual’, ‘Wellness, ‘Diet’, ‘Water Elixir of life’, ‘Eco School Models’, ‘Baffling Bio-diversity’, ‘Amazing life’ and ‘Evolution’, the tiny tots of Kindergarten mesmerized the audience with their divine performances of music and dance.  ‘Sapa Songs’   were sung in varied languages and a beautiful Rain Dance choreographed by GAIT enthralled the audience.  Also the pupils worked creatively on matching words with pictures.

The students of the Primary School with their exuberant creativity brought to light the ascendancy of the rural life.   The other highlights of the day were the Nail art, Mehandi, Tatoo and the Innate Vegetable carvings, and the exultant paintings and drawings.

Street plays, Flash Mobs, Trivia corner, Live performances of the classical dance, Harate (kannada debate) tranced the crowds.  The two-day narrative, that was unfolded, definitely etched an unforgettable memory in the heart of every visitor.

An intriguing ‘Escape Room’ was set up by the students of college.  Oral presentations on Digi-tech, Banking, Future shopping enraptured the audience.  Some fun and cool experiments were also carried out.  An animated Dinosaur working on the mechanism of hydraulics turned out to be a large crowd puller.

IGNITE and Kalakruthi at Vidyaniketan is an opportunity for the students to bring out their innate artistic talents and ideas.

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