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IGNITE – The Expo was celebrated on 30th November and 1st December 2018, to kindle  creativity to develop scientific spirit and innovation.   The main objective was to inspire and motivate students to be a part of the scientific and cultural revolution around them.  Different skill based activities were designed to stimulate the young blooming minds.  Little artist’s performances in music concerts, Drama and Flash mobs grabbed the crowd’s attention. Visitors loved the interaction with kids and watching their little faces light up as they performed the activities.

IGNITE and Kalakruthi at Vidyaniketan is an opportunity for the students to bring out their innate artistic talents and ideas.

IGNITE and Kalakruthi 2018 brought out the hidden talents of students with a focus on creating more awareness in Science and Arts. As many as 970 students from primary displayed their exhibits in Science, Maths and Arts. Children displayed their Paintings, Vegetable Carvings, Flower arrangement, Rangoli, Supermarket and a lot more. Still Models, Working Models and Projects in Science and Maths, Computer skills were the attention to visitors. Masterminds, Kalavikari, Village life, Food nutrients, Toon talk, Riddles, Story telling were yet another feast to the eyes. Students got an opportunity to present their exhibits which helped them to nurture, develop and implement their Innovative ideas. Kalakruthi 2018 received and overwhelming Response

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