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October [ 29th ,30 and 31st] Witnessed the campus of Vidyaniketan come alive with the ingenious English Literary Activities, diligently planned for students of grades 8,9 and10. An individual activity, a pair activity and a group activity enabled the students to explore and choose in accordance to an individuals preference and penchant.

A group activity, ‘Comedy of Errors’ provided the ideal platform to exhibit the acting prowess of young artists of grade 8, while ‘Editors Zone ’a pair activity empowered the students to explore the different nuances of journalism, ‘Thus I spoke’- an individual activity equipped the students to resonate the forgotten wisdom of great speakers, the world over.

Students of grade 9 participated in a medley of events such as ‘Tune In’ ‘Rap It Up’ and ‘Mock It Right’. The vibrant radio jockeys dazzled in the radio show ‘Tune In’ – a group activity. ‘Rap It Up’ brought to the forefront the singing and the performing ‘Beetles’ of Vidyaniketan and ‘Mock It Right  ( an Individual activity) set stage for the caricature artists.

A Line of riveting activities was carefully planned for students of grade 10. ‘Cross Roads’ (a group activity) was a tale with twist. An unusual amalgamation of myriad language skills, this activity allowed the students to venture out, into a world of imagination – a melange of realistic’ and unrealistic situations. The other activities like ‘Found Poetry’ and ‘Mock it right’ gave a new lease of life to the budding bards and prolific artists of Vidyaniketan.

And thus the environs of VPS donned the welcoming spirit of literature, this October.

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