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A workshop on Mental Health conducted by TRI Psychological Solutions
‘Listening’ is one of the most potent forces to change any individual.’

Mental health issues can pose a huge problem for students in terms of academic and social success in school. Educators all over the world need to pay as much attention to the well being of their students as much as they do on the academic aspect to ensure that they are setting their students up for success in the future.
Keeping in mind our students’ well being, our institution organised a multiple session orientation programme for the Vidyaniketanfaculty. This programme began on May 15, 2019 and was conducted by a committed team of psychologists and certified psychotherapists, Dr.ShailajaShashtry , Ms. NishaMenzies Rao, Ms. Deepthi andDr.Sherin Antony P. Each session of this workshop dealt with intense subjects like understanding student behaviour in general and in classroom, the art of reaching out to students, discipline and communication, decoding of learning disabilities and culminated with basics of counselling skills for educators.
All the training modules were specifically geared to the needs of the new generation of facilitators and the new generation Z – learners . The programme also equipped the teachers to help students with emotional regulation, stress management and conflict resolution. The valuable session concluded with a profound message that a modern day facilitator has to don multitudinous roles and reach out to the students and empower them to clinch their dreams and aspirations.

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