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Environment Day (I – IV)

The Environment Day at Vidyaniketan Public School was celebrated on 26 June and was inaugurated by the reverend guest Mr. ChaturvedShet R and the Principal Mr.Vijai Krishna Rajagopal. The program began with the chanting of shloka followed by the lighting of a lamp. The students of grades 1 to 4 participated with great enthusiasm.

Students of grades I and II began the day with the making of seed balls followed by a talk on the topic –“ Keeping my surroundings clean and effects of air pollution and measures are taken to prevent air pollution”.

Students of grades  III and IV created bird feeders and planted saplings in the school campus. A quizcompetition on our ecology also was conducted.This event was followed by a banner making competition on  Air Pollution.

The chief guest Mr. ChaturvedShet presented a video in the auditorium and shared his knowledge about Butterflies and its life cycle.

 The programme concluded with a speech by the Principal Mr. Vijai Krishna Rajagopalon the importance of conserving water and electricity .

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