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Environment Day in VPS

In today’s technological world, there is an impeccable progression towards building expensive structures, extreme gadgets, convenient, yet non bio degradable disposals and extended inhabitation of space, whilst we enjoy these advancements, little do we pay attention to the destruction caused to mother nature and earthly elements like air, water, soil and forests. It is indeed the need of the hour to conserve these elements and Vidyaniketan Public School moves forward to mark its endeavors to contribute towards corrective measures and give back to Mother Nature.

            The process and purpose was to indulge our high schoolers, the future adults to learn to appreciate and contribute to the cause through fun, frolic efforts and team work and a journey of a learning extravaganza.

            This was successfully achieved through diverse activities like guest speaker’s words of wisdom, role play, make your rap, survey, research, pen presentation, making low budget air purifiers, planting of saplings etc. Students with great dedication and interest gave beautiful representation of this year’s theme “Beat Air Pollution”.

            This day of28 June ,2019 has not only been extremely fulfilling and eventful but has also initiated a lifetime commitment to do our list to thank mother earth and preserve her as much as we can for the years to come.

– Ruthvik Arunkumar

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