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World Book Day

World Book Day at Vidyaniketan Public school

Bangalore, 25th June 2019: ‘Reading day,’ at Vidyaniketan public school was celebrated on 19th June 2019 for the academic year 2018-19.  ‘Reading day’ is observed by the school so as to pay tribute to great literary figures like William Shakespeare, Miguel Cervantes, and Vladimir Nabokov and may more.The theme of this year’s ‘Reading day’ was to celebrate literature andhighlight the importance of enhancing and protecting indigenous languages. The ambience in the premises of Vidyaniketan Public school on 19th June 2019 was unusual, for the students were prepared for an imaginary ride into the world of English literature.  Different literary activities were planned for students at various levels.  In the high school, the students of class VIII were given a poem to interpret. It was like giving wings to their imagination.  The students instantly took flight into their worlds of fantasy.  The students of class IX were given a printed copy of two stories and were told to come up with the comparative study of the same.  This triggered the skill of judgement in them while they read the stories. The students of class X were told to do a comparative study of two movies – one Kannada and one English. The students were very enthusiastic about the various literary activities they were part of.  It was a blessing in disguise for most of the students as they were passionate about reading.

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