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Brain Bashers Report of High-School 2019-20

An amazing, intellectual and fun event was planned by the teachers for the students to explore math in ways they could never imagine. The Brain Bashers Week ,in the month of July in our school became a platform for students to put forth their talents.

Students of grades 8, 9 and 10 took part in various activities each having 2 competitions per class level. For the 8th graders ‘Drawing skylines with geometric shapes ‘ and a ‘Math Relay’ were organized. Students of grade 9 participated in the classic luck based numbers game ‘Bingo’ and ‘Big Picture’. This event evoked abundant creativity in students to bring in concepts of Math in art. Students brought about their own interpretations of the given topics in these competitions and really made the event successful. Finally the 10th graders had ‘Role play ‘as an activity where they had to enact an incident from any mathematician’s life. The other activity was ‘ Warli Art’, an interesting  way of depicting mathematical problems.

Students exhibited a huge amount of enthusiasm and excitement to take part in the event. Each drawing, each drama ,portrayed each student’s talents and understanding of the topic. The event also became an indicator of the diversity and creativity of our students .

The overall outcome of the event was extremely satisfactory making Brain Bashers of the academic year 2019-20 a grand success.

This opportunity given to the students is a great way to bring out the hidden talent in each child. The Brain Bashers week  has also been a great way for students to come out of their daily routine and learn and apply concepts of math in a fun and innovative manner. This event has also helped instil qualities like team work and coordination in students. This event may have had  only a few winners but every single student has gained something from this event which makes all of them winners in their own sense.

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