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Reading Day for UKG

Drop Everything and Read (Dear Day)-Reading Day for UKG.

Reading is one of the most fundamental skills that children need to engage themselves to be successful. Not only does it benefitthem academically but also develops the child’s imagination and  creativity. It enhances their vocabulary and increases attention span and promotes stronger analyticalthinking.

To inculcate reading interest and reading habit among the young learners, “Drop Everything and Read” (Dear day) activity was conducted   for the Upper Kindegarten level on July-2019.

To make the activity more successful parents were informed to send an age appropriate story book and a reading pointer. Reading pointers are a great tool to track as they read. Colorful pointers added fun and avidness among our blooming buds.

Students were seen engrossed in their story books on the carpet of nature.

Some students were seen sprawled with their books on the lawns enjoying reading and sharing their stories with their friends. After the reading activity children went back to class and depicted their stories  in their scrap books. Back home Students reported the day’s event in detail to their parents and brought a written feedback by them the next day.

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