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Accent Transition in the digitized curriculum

Workshop on “Accent Transition in the digitized curriculum”

By Mr. Mangala Padmanabhan

Pronunciation is important as it makes your first impression. It gives clear articulation. A failure to learn pronunciation is a significant hindrance in language learners.
On 23rd August 2019, our English teachers from nursery and primary had the privilege of attending an interesting session on “Accent Transition in the digitized curriculum” workshop conducted by Mr. Mangala Padmanabhan.
The workshop stressed the importance of pronunciation in classroom. The workshop threw light on the final consonant sound, consonant clutter, pronunciation in slow and fast speech. Furthermore, teachers learnt that when one word pronounced in correctly can lead to some very confusing miscommunication. The most important thing learnt was ‘pronunciation should never be overlooked.’ The entire day was one of the best. The information and the method of delivery were very easy to receive. It was very insightful and interesting. Training was really worth it!

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