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An Orientation Programme

An Orientation Programme on Learning Disabilities by Shailaja Shastri

The workshop started with a message that learning disabilities are a part of every child and every adult, but some overcome it early and some take time to overcome it. A few of them, with the help of teachers or parents, under the guidance of counselors tries to overcome or understand their difficulties.
The different aspects of observation and domains of human behavior were discussed in detail with the importance of the checklist. A checklist was then prepared after a thorough discussion with the subject teachers, keeping into consideration, the requirements of the learners. Thus, the checklist prepared was more accurate and precise for the overall observation of a child. This helped in a way to analyze the child’s difficulty and assist him/her accurately.
The workshop helped the teachers to identify and analyze the child’s difficulties in a better way. This helped them to understand the problems and to tackle it in a positive way.

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