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“The more you sweat in peace, the less you bleed in war….”
NCC – National Cadet Corps, the youth of India should join NCC because it is the duty to serve the nation. This wonderful organization started on 15th July 1948 is something everyone will cherish for a lifetime. The students of our school went through tough selections and got selected and with a year of training, the cadets were ready to face new challenges. That is when camp arrived everybody was nervous and equally curious. Combined annual training camp was held at ETI, air force station, Jalahalli, East Bengaluru from 17th to 26th June. Those 10 days everybody enjoyed immensely. The main objectives of CATC were to inculcate in cadets, the qualities of self-help, responsibility, unity, trust, time management and so on. Theory classes on varied topics, games, drills, range firing, information on how to join the army and air force were also a part of the camp. Special activities were organized on the occasion of yoga day. To spice up the experience friendly matches were organized.
Our school was awarded ‘The Best school in sports’. The remarkably athletic junior division boys won the runner-up place in football and the extremely energetic girls gave a tough competition to the opponents in the finale and stood second in throw ball. As Heywood Brown said ‘sports do not build character, they reveal it’, everybody found their strengths and weaknesses and experienced the unity among them when they cheered for their own school team. The cultural practices and the parade competition are evergreens. The best part of the camp was the snack break where the whole school used to sit around and chat.
To quote APJ Abdul Kalam, “Sometimes it’s better to bunk classes and enjoy with friends, because now when I look back, marks never make me laugh, memories do”.
Thus the ten days camp taught many values and life lessons.

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