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Report on Student Elections 2019

“Leadership is not a position or a title, it is an action and example.” A leader in the one who leads everyone respects everyone and represents the huge population with his ideologies and his optimistic perspective. He respects everyone, cares about everyone’s problem and makes the fullest use of the opportunity he receives, Our school conducts student elections to elect School Pupil Leaders (SPL) and Assistant School Pupil Leaders (ASPL) for high school and middle school. The School Pupil Leaders were elected with great enthusiasm. The vibes of this election start a month before when the high school students of VPS jostle about in finding themselves in the candidate’s list.
This year the elections were held on 2nd July 2019. The amazing speeches were delivered by the candidates on 1 st July. The next stage of the election was campaigning. The high school corridor was filled with different posters. One could feel the vibes of elections passing through them by looking at the posters from the ground.
During the campaign all the candidates along with one of their trusted mates promoted themselves. They went to each class with bright and beautiful posters, reminding them of their symbols and asking the voters to cast their valuable vote.
The candidates promised to fulfill their needs and demands. This peaceful procedure took place after the lunch break on 1 st July. The campaigning in our school the campus has the same significance as the campaigning which takes place in the ideal democratic country.
The voting took place calmly and without any chaos. Finally, the most awaited results were announced on 4th July by our Principal Vijai Sir. Chinmay R of class X C and Punarva of class X F got elected as School Pupil Leaders. Vindhya H K of class IX D and Nayan of class IX G got elected as the Assistant School Pupil Leaders.

Elections in school not only determine the win or loss of a person but also are mainly conducted to make every student realize his/her capabilities and enrich their ability to be a good orator.
A leader is a person, who leads the group and takes the decision on behalf of them. A perfect leader can be only selected through elections, which in turn helps us to know the real meaning of democracy and thus help in leading a dignified life.

Jeevitha R – X B
Rakshaa P – X B
Sunidhi S G – X B

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