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Teachers Day Celebration- 2019-20

Acharya Devo Bhava’ – Teachers’ Day Celebration- 2019-20

India, our motherland has always been known for her boundless, abundant and myriad culture. And knowledge and wisdom have always begotten a prized position in our country. Therefore, the bestower of this knowledge is offered the utmost reverence. Teachers’ day marks the celebration of our ‘Gurus’.
At Vidyaniketan, a plenary talk session on ‘A teacher is a student for life’ by Dr. Indira Nityanandam, retired Principal of Smt.S.R.Mehta Arts College and Director of Bharathiya Bhashan Sanskriti Sansthan were organized to inspire the teaching faculty of Vidyaniketan on 7th September 2019 from 10 am to 11.30 am.
The program was masterfully compared by the masters of ceremonies Ms. Varsha Jain and Ms. Harshitha P( teaching faculty, PU College). A melodious invocation was rendered by Ms. Namitha(teaching faculty, PU College). Next, Ms. Divyasree, Coordinator – Department of English, introduced Dr. Indira Nityanandam.
A multifaceted personality, Dr. Indira is the most sought after resource person for training teachers.
A prolific speaker, Dr. Indira, began her talk by quoting Aristotle “ I know that I don’t know” drawing the audience’s attention to acquire the most valuable virtue of all – humility. Her motivating speech was full of anecdotes and real-life examples from her affluent teaching experience. She emphasized the fact that a teacher must sparkle like an effulgent diamond radiating values such as passion, positive energy, perseverance and must possess a transcending personality. She concluded her powerful speech by speaking of the multitudinous titles given to a teacher like Acharya, Pandit, Upadhyay, Adhyapak and the supreme one being ‘Guru’. And a modern-day teacher needs to become a guru who confers both knowledge and wisdom to ignite the little minds.
Ms. Sumitra, the Academic Advisor, Vidyaniketan then addressed the gathering stating that teachers are harbingers of positive changes and that opportunities knock rarely. Every teacher must make the best use of these opportunities and present the best to young learners.
Our Principal, Mr. Vijai Krishna Rajagopal in his keynote address endorsed on the fact that changes happen on an everyday basis and reiterated that teachers must develop strong habits and a unified sense of purpose eventually leading to a fruitful collaboration.
The incredible session came to an end with fun-filled games and cultural activities meticulously planned and organized by Ms. Veena Chandrasekhar ( Faculty- Department of Mathematics), Ms. Kavya( Faculty- Department of English) delivered the vote of thanks.
On the whole, the wondrous day concluded with a resounding message that guru is the one who inspires, informs, guides and educates and that fruit of humility is selfless service and the fruit of service is knowledge.

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