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Verbal and non-verbal communication

Report on verbal and nonverbal communication

A worthful and memorable workshop on ‘verbal and nonverbal communication’ was conducted by Sir Mr. Balasubramanian on the 24th of August 2019. The three hours workshop enthralled teachers by events, facts and truth told by sir Bala. The role of a teacher was highlighted effectively and the managerial skill to be used by a good teacher was shared. The working of brain-like reptilia, Mammalia and human brain effectively was conveyed. The way a teacher should walk into the classroom, hold the book, use of blackboard, attire, dress, silting, etc was also shared effectively which should be adhered to effective teaching.
Overall the workshop was informative and worthwhile like the need for ‘unlearning and relearning’ also shared, to teach the new generation students in this highly technological world.
Teachers in this liquid society must be a ‘meddler in the middle’ and teaching is mutual learning for both teachers and students. “we do” should be our approach.

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