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VPS GK Club Inauguration

Various clubs( G.K club, Literary, Debate, Science and Math Clubs)

Middle School

To provoke the hidden Talent and Skills among the students and with the intention to further train the students, the various clubs( G.K club, Literary, Debate, Science and Math Clubs) of Middle and High school, for the Academic year 2019-20 were formally inaugurated on Saturday 6th July 2019 by, ‘Mr. Giri Balasubramanium’ and ‘Ms.Rashmi.M.Furtodo’ from Grey Caps India Pvt Ltd.
The inauguration function at the High School Auditorium started with unveiling the Logos of all the clubs.
The conveners of the respective clubs presented an overview of the activities of the clubs with the Mission and the Vision of the clubs.
The ‘Mission’ is to create a more sophisticated and more talented group of students with vast and deep knowledge in different areas.
The ‘Vision’ is to inculcate and improve the student’s skills in all the areas and enable students to reach their maximum potential. The inaugural address was given by ‘Mr. Giri Balasubramanium” and Ms.Rashmi .M. Furtodo’ of Greycaps, Bangalore. Sir gave a motivational speech for students and the merits of the club and how to make use of the club in a beneficial way. Ma’am gave us 3 inspirational stories, which helps students to build their inspiration level.
Few students from GK Club shared their thoughts on why they have joined the club and their expectations from the club.
After the Inauguration, the students were sent to different classes to attend the Club Activities.

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