Language Options


Acquiring competency in languages is a vital element in child development and often follows a natural process. The environment of a school provides students with a unique setting where languages are learnt in a Formal and planned manner, in the presence of peers and significant others.

Our school follows English as the medium of instruction along with Kannada, Hindi and Sanskrit as options for the Second and Third language. Students entering Class I, are expected to study a Second Language as a part of their curriculum. Parental consent is obtained when they choose one from Kannada, Hindi or Sanskrit as the Second Language Option. When students enter Class III, parents are required to select a Third Language of study, from the two options that were not previously selected as the Second Language.

In keeping with the contemporary research on language learning and acquisition, the school employs customized language programs that are predominantly skills based. Special emphasis is laid on nurturing language development in a natural setting that attempts to simulate real world scenarios for language use. Students are provided ample opportunity to practice specific language skills both as a part of the regular classroom transactions and through assessments and tests of proficiency.