Student Life

Student life at Vidyaniketan is lively and varied. Over the years, we have learnt to strike a delicate balance between academics and a variety of activities and events that build strong character and personality in the students.

Our confidence in equipping our students with quintessential 21st century skills stems from the mosaic of creative experiences that inspires the student engagement. Our showcase cultural event, Kalamanchika offers students a spectacular platform to present their Artistry and Talent with the entire school community and stakeholders in attendance.

Ignite, our science fest, challenges students to showcase innovation and compels them to pursue the spirit of scientific inquiry. Students bring out a variety of Models, Posters and articulate their Theoretical understandings and applications about diverse areas of Science and Mathematics.

Dance, Drama and Music are integral to our plan, as we prepare our students to excel in variety of faculties.

At Vidyaniketan we are strongly committed to propagating sports and fitness amongst our students. Blessed with open spaces and large play areas, we are dedicated to offer the best facilities and training support to build a variety of Kinaesthetic skills in our students.