ELT Program



The need for ample fluency and competence of the English language needs very little exposition in today’s highly globalized world. The ability to clearly articulate one’s thoughts is paramount for success not only in current and future academic study but has grown to be a quintessential ingredient of any progressive workplace that competes to be among the best. The foundation for all of this is very clearly laid in schools.

Our ELT program, concentrates on building critical language skills that are age appropriate, as identified by the tenets of our curriculum. Through carefully designed learning activities that address specific skills often in combination, we provide our students with ample opportunity to work with materials beyond the prescribed text books. The outlay of our program lays special emphasis on strengthening the spoken language abilities in students while enculturation in students a passion for voracious and diverse reading. In essence, it is our vision to see our students use English language effectively to lend words to their thoughts either through the verbal channel or in the production of original writing forms.