Teaching and Learning



At the Middle & High School level, pedagogical innovation and classroom practice need to pivot on the recognition that students bring with them varying levels of interest and expertise on topics of which only some fall into the curricular expectations of their respective class levels. Their innate familiarity with technology and the dexterity of usage should be factored when drawing academic learning plans. The pedagogical challenge for the teachers, hence, is one of finding the right mix of prescriptive classroom instruction and self-driven learning that fosters creative exploration and diverse representations of learning.

Our pedagogical framework builds on classroom instruction while enhancing learning using appropriate projects and activities, seminars and focused discussions, that encourage students to pursue individual learning agendas through exploratory research on topics and areas that interest them, from across the curricular landscape. Our learning program further impels students to acquire critical thinking skills and build an ability to work collaboratively while demonstrating an in-depth understanding of key concepts and their application.

We further extend our support to help students broaden their horizons beyond academics with a wide assortment of co-curricular activities that range from appreciating art, the environment, inculcating values of global citizenship in addition to our flagship events like Kalamanchika, Kalakruthi, Ignite and India Insight.