Teaching & Learning

Teaching-learning programmes at the Pre University level are structured to ensure that they are more student-oriented and calibrated for promoting learner autonomy. The inter-subjective engagement in the learning process is provided on a whole-class, group and individual basis. In addition, teachers employ a variety of strategies to best cater for the needs of the students. Inter-subjective engagement leads to greater concept application level awareness and helps students realize their relative academic strengths and allows them to make informed career decisions as they step into the world of universities. The programmes give students the opportunity to apply knowledge, to adopt new understanding and experience the pleasure of learning.

To help students with their learning much thrust has been given on thinking skills and cognitive acceleration. We encourage different learning styles by adopting diverse and innovative pedagogy while our core focus is on indepth concept assimilation. As a result, learner workouts allow different students to get to different outcomes. Students are encouraged to reflect on their own ways of learning and assess what they have learned. The programmes also allow interdisciplinary inquiry into integrated learning modules.

Experimentation in laboratories, forms an integral part of the Senior Secondary Curriculum. Our well equipped and state of the art laboratories, allow students to gain a deeper understanding of concepts through experimentation and analysis. Students who require additional sessions in the laboratories are encouraged to pursue their research until they obtain satisfactory results and a deep understanding.

Student who opt for the Computer Science stream, graduate from learning the basics to advance programming concepts, by working individually on systems at the computer lab.

We are cognizant of the profound need to equip our students with the knowledge and confidence to succeed in tomorrow’s globalized community. Appropriate use of relevant technology to strengthen our pedagogy allows us to train our students in the right direction.

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