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Our Laboratories are designed to inspire inquiry in our students. Amply stocked, the laboratories also blend technology that aids the teachers to reach out to all students with greater impact.

At Vidyaniketan, we facilitate a culture that encourages diverse and active reading amongst students. Our libraries reflect diversity in genres and languages, amply catering to every age Cohort. A warm ambience greets our readers to explore more experience in the joy of reading.

For the senior classes, our libraries extend to become research centres, which allows students to collaborate through in depth study. Varied resources and reference material are easily accessible to enhance understanding and knowledge.

We sincerely believe that each child is unique and important. This implies that their learning needs and challenges also differ. Expectations of the curriculum when combined with various learning pedagogies manage to serve the learning requirements of many in the conventional classroom. However there are children who have specific learning needs and in some cases face mild to serious challenges in their quest for learning. We have recognized the imminent need to reach out and extend our support to such students. It is our modest attempt to extend the realms of possibility through our resource room for special needs, which we call SAMBHAV.

Fine Arts and Aesthetics are quintessential, in our opinion, to mould a complete personality in our students. The interests of our students are curated by our talented Art Educators with various possibilities on offer. Pottery, drawing and art occupy a centre stage, that allow for children to channel their creative energies and come out with original work.

Blessed with wide open space and well-appointed playgrounds. We are committed to promote sporting amongst all our students. Specialized coaching is offered in various field games like Cricket, Football, Basketball, Volleyball to name a few. As a part of our vision for the future, we intend to build state of the art infrastructure for Tennis and Athletics in the campus.

Facilitating learning of 21st century skills, requires a strong grounding information and Communications Technology amongst all students. At Vidyaniketan especially at the School level our ICT program is designed to help students learn essential computing skills through a host of software and products. Students are given ample opportunities to test their learning through projects that require a demonstration of academic skills in addition to the ICT prowess that they build.

State of the Art laboratories, give all students an opportunity to explore and fine tune their learning. Our Faculty work closely in tandem with various subject teachers to understand their expectations from the ICT program and accommodate such recommendation into their design.