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Adamya Chetana Seva Utsav 2016-17

Adamya Chetana is a voluntary Organisation working in the field of social development. Registered in 1998, it was set up in the memory of Smt.Girija Shastry.

Concert Organised by SAPA 2016-17

On 21st December 2016, a workshop was organized by SAPA on Wind Instruments for the classes Lkg, Ukg, 1st and 2nd standards at the School Auditorium.

Ignite And Kalakruthi 2016-17

It was a riot of imagination and creativity on the 1st and 2nd of December 2016, in Vidyaniketan Public School as the school saw its students participating in Ignite and Kalakruthi.

NCERT Science Expo 2016-17

Science Exhibition was organized by NCERT  in association with VITM on the Main Theme, “Science, Technology, and Mathematics for Nation Building” in the month of December 2016.

The 10th Biennial  Lake Conference 2016-17

A Symposium focusing on Lakes and Wetlands are popularly known as ‘Lake Symposium’ was initiated by Energy and Wetlands Research Group at Centre for Ecological Sciences.

Eco Club Activity Report 2016-17

The students of class 10, State Board under the guidance of Coordinator Mrs.Rekha Varanasi and Science Teachers.

An Aesthetic Journey

Literature is not just fiction, it is the expression of people’s thought. The cold winds of November brought on its magnificent wings, the myriad hues of poetry, oratory, critique.

Children’s Day Celebration 2016-17

At the Kindergarten, Children’s Day was celebrated with lots of fanfare and enthusiasm. Teachers performed, on the stage, various cultural programmers like dance, drama.

English Literary Week 2016-17

The English Literary Week 2016 was celebrated from 24th October to 28th October 2016. The celebration began with a welcome speech and an inaugural song. The events started on Tuesday, 25th October.

Kannada Rajyoyhsava Celebrations 2016-17

The Kindergarten students celebrated Kannada Rajyothsava for the first time. The corridors were decorated with red and yellow balloons.

The Shadow Puppet Show 2016-17

The Shadow Puppet play of Kerala was presented to the students of Lkg and Ukg by the Indira Gandhi National Centre for the Arts.

Report on Social Science Week 2016-17

The social science week was a grand success with the co-operation of not only the social science department teachers.

Literature Cultural Activities Senior secondary

A twist here, a roll there, some shiny kundan’s right on spot and ‘Viola!’ dolls, minions, flowers and much more out of mere paper! And so, nimble fingers.

Grand Parents’ Day 2016-17

At Vidyaniketan, we recognize and appreciate the contribution of Grand Parents in the upbringing of their Grand Child, hence we celebrated Grand Parents Day on 24th September 2016.

GAIT 2016-17

GAIT is a program for students of LKG, UKG, I and II which involves music, dance, theatre, story and creative moment to create confident individuals with a positive self and body image.

SAPA 2016-17

A music program for students of LKG, UKG, Class I and II conceptualized under the guidance of Dr.L.Subramaniam & Kavitha Krishnamurti and Bindu Subramaniam.

Theatre Lab Dramatics Class

Introduction to ‘Theatre Lab’. Students who participate in ‘Theatre Lab’ build a broad base of theatre content knowledge and skills.

Workshop By SAPA On 1st September 2016

It was a highly interactive workshop and the students heard with rapt attention as the artists performed.

Report on 2 GK Quiz

On the occasion of DUSSERA, Vidyaniketan Public School conducted “GK Quiz” for classes 1 and 2.

Report on “JUMBO QUIZ” 

On the occasion of DUSSERA,  Vidyaniketan Public School had conducted “JUMBO QUIZ” for the students of classes 3 and 4.

Children’s Day Celebration 2016-17

At the Kindergarten, Children’s Day was celebrated with lots of fanfare and enthusiasm. Teachers performed.

Krishna Janamasthami 2016-17

The tiny tots of LKG and UKG celebrated Krishna Janmashtami on 24th August.

Riot of Colours 2016-17

As a part of Creative education, “Riot of colors” was held on 18th August.

Kids for Tiger 2016-17

Nature satisfies man’s needs but not greed. Nature is like a mother who nurtures her children.

Sanskrit Day 2016-17

The Sanskrit language is undoubtedly a symbol of Dharma, Righteousness, and Culture.

Independence Day 2016-17

The glorious morning of August 15, 2016, saw a dash of color along with the flying tricolor flag.

Brain Bashers 2016-17

The math week also aptly called‘Brain Bashers’ was held between the days.

Student Council Election & Leadership Workshop 2016-17

Mrs. Nagamani Shrinath began the workshop.

International Yoga Day Celebrations 2016-17

Today, 21 June 2016, is the longest day of the year, popularly known as the summer solstice. Moreover, today, the world celebrates International Yoga Day.

International Yoga Day Celebrations 2016-17

An Awareness Campaign was conducted by the ‘Karnataka Fire and Emergency services,

Environment Day

At Vidyaniketan Public School we encourage and challenge our students to develop the knowledge and awareness of our environment.