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Vidyaniketan Public School lays great emphasis on a child’s all-round development. We believe that extra-curricular activities is as important as academics. We work towards bringing out the hidden talents of our children and hone their skills so that they achieve their best in their respective chosen fields, We present them with an array of co-scholastic programs organized by the school and by carefully partnering with select learning partners whose programs are also offered as an option to the students. These learning partners range from subject experts to renowned luminaries in their respective fields.

Introduction to ‘Theatre Lab’. Students who participate in ‘Theatre Lab’ build a broad base of theatre content knowledge and skills. When theatre curricular are implemented with a variety of appropriate instructional methods, all learners have an opportunity to develop to their highest potential despite differences in learning rates and prior knowledge and skills.
‘Theatre Lab’: Students develop capabilities in all the following areas.
Creative and critical thinking.
Problem solving
Individual and collaborative planning and implementation
Self and social awareness
Students refine their communicational skills and gain a deeper understanding practice of theatre as an art form.

SAPA: [ Subramaniam Academy of Performing Arts]
A music program for students of LKG, UKG, Class I and II conceptualized under the guidance of Dr.L.Subramaniam & Kavita Krishnamurti and Bindu Subramaniam.
The curriculum’s aim is to make high quality music education accessible, engaging and interesting to all children so that they develop a love for Indian classical music and can appreciate different types of music from all around the world.

GAIT:[Grooming Artistic Innovation and Talent]
GAIT is a programme for students of LKG, UKG, I and II which involves music, dance, theatre, story and creative moment to create confident individuals with a positive self and body image. This helps the children with important skills for school preparedness.