Sports Activities

The LeapStart PE programme is revolutionary, crafted with an age appropriate curriculum, innovative equipment and delivered by highly trained PE specialists. This is a unique program designed with activities that are inclusive, highly active, integrate academics and wellness concepts and are fun for all the students. The curriculum has been created by child development and sports specialists and has been refined for over last 20 years. The programme offers numerous age appropriate activities and games from Pre Nursery to Class VII.

TENVIC is in the business of sports training and consulting. They are a team of players, coaches, trainers, mentors and brand builders who use the power of sport to make a difference in many aspects of life. Vidyaniketan has partnered up with Tenvic Sports to coach students on Football, Basket Ball & Cricket for high schoolers.

Peace and tranquillity are synonymous with Yoga. Vidyaniketan with its vast and serene atmosphere along with the strong belief that healthy mind and body and emphasis on mental discipline ensures that the students get the best of ambience and guidance for practicing Yoga.

As much as mental discipline is emphasised, physical discipline, character, leadership are given equal importance. Introduction of National Cadet Corps (NCC) in Vidyaniketan to groom our students into disciplined and patriotic citizens, and to inculcate the ideals of selfless service to the nation has been a landmark in the history of the institution.