The milieu of the school raptured on the dawn of 20th June 2018 as the air filled with a new opportunity to avail. And this great opportunity knocking on the doors of the young minds was the knowledge that is the ‘NOVA’ of humanity.

A rhetoric session unveiled in front of our eyes, as the glorious presence of Sri Aparajithananda Swamiji from the reputed Chinmaya Mission, revived the rhapsody of life.

The beginning and the end. The start and the finish line. Life and death. On a tombstone, to the left lies the start of your life and to the right lies the end of your journey. What really matters are the time in-between the two, that splendidly defines life.

But, what comes in the way are tiny little problems, incomplete situations and imperfect moments that seem so huge when they hit us. We feel that life could have been better. We wish that life could have given us a just one-second chance. We lose hope! And it compels us to tread the path of envy or imitate others foolishly.

That kick-started the ingenuity of students and their thoughts wandered in all the dimensions. The bizarre heap of unanswered questions transmogrified into enormous loads but halted when. Swamiji bestowed rules of life as answers.

His Holiness emphasized on the pellucid truth that ‘What goes, comes back to you’. It is by his actions that a man is put right with God and not by his faith alone. If the actions stay humble and kind, it will churn out into a boundless harvest of harmony, in the long run. The world is a spotters’ mirror reflecting the precise details of one’s character.

The parched instincts of the students were quenched by Swamiji with the nostrum of “Do Good And Stay Ecstatic” the patience on the permanent smile he put on, inspired us to appreciate both melancholies and Mesmer’s of life. The totally rapt ones, signed up for further scintillating sessions, to dream big and move on.

Last but not the least, let us remember, that in the cornucopia of life, we are just like those colorful buds, going to bloom into beautiful flowers and spread the fragrance of love and knowledge to this world. So, live life as cheerfully as possible, as magically as possible and as benevolently as possible, feel lucky all the time that you have a chance of doing Good And Go For IT!


Prithvi P. Shenoy