Special Needs & Wellbeing

We sincerely believe that each child is unique and important. This implies that their learning needs and challenges also differ. Expectations of the curriculum when combined with various learning pedagogies manage to serve the learning requirements of many in the conventional classroom. However, there are children who have specific learning needs and in some cases face mild to serious challenges in their quest for learning. We have recognized the imminent need to reach out and extend our support to such students. It is our modest attempt to extend the realms of possibility through our resource room for special needs, which we call SAMBHAV.

Our trained team of special educators, work with those students who are in need of special assistance and coaching to improve their overall academic performance. Special educators work one-on-one with the students to clearly understand the skills that need further development and devise individual learning plans. Appropriate materials are used to strengthen the grasp of skills. These children are periodically evaluated to assess developmental progress which in turn informs changes in the learning plans.

Students with learning difficulties attend the resource room thrice a week during non-curricular periods. The success of our efforts at SAMBHAV, are possible due to the cooperation and support that we receive from the all teachers handling these children and the parents. It helps us realize our vision of equipping these children with all the necessary skills to succeed in the expectations of the conventional classroom.