Student Life

We provide our students with diverse learning opportunities that transcends academics to include exposure to literary activities, sports and games, arts and aesthetics. Student learning experiences are curated keeping in mind the interests and the appropriateness for our learners. We strongly encourage students to explore, develop curiosity and inquiry through hands-on experimentation and research. Through our flagship events like Kalamanchika, Ignite and Kalakruthi and many other thematic events that dot our school calendar, students are provided with an ideal platform, where they practice and applying their learning from and across varied domains. The learning trajectory that our vibrant student engagement programs offer are in line with the 21st Century Learning Skills that are an essential component of the National Education Policy 2020.

We partner with experts to bring together an effective blend of creative curricula delivered by experienced faculty, who guide the students to develop an appreciation and gain exposure & expertise. Skill building, in students, is achieved through a structured plan and design that is based on research and a deep understanding of the 21st Century Learning Skills. Student progress in these activities is actively monitored to provide developmental feedback.

Our sports infrastructure and facilities help students develop keen interest in pursuing sports as a discipline, while building their general fitness. Our trained PHE instructors and coaches assist in early identification of promising talent amongst the students. We offer specialized coaching programs where ample guidance and practice is provided to help them reach higher levels of skill and performance.

We encourage our students to active participate in external events/competitions in diverse areas & sports. We believe that it is essential for the students to gain necessary exposure to competition, creating learning opportunities for them to raise the bar and prepare harder.

Yoga is an essential component of developing a sound body and mind in our students. Our Yoga Curriculum is developed keeping in mind the age of our students. Progressing form simple asanas and breathing techniques, we gradually increase the complexity and variety to strengthen flexibility and endurance in our student.

Events at the School

The school plays host to a variety of events, tailor made to cater to the interests of the students at the various levels. Our School Calendar, incorporates the schedule of such events, giving our students ample to time to prepare and perform. Through such diversity, we believe, students are provided with an ideal springboard to explore and exhibit their creativity and innovation. The element of choice, that is integral in the design of each of these activities, provides students with the opportunity to choose based on their interests. By clearly articulating our expectations, we are able to motivate our students to use their learning and establish connections with the world around them.

Visual Arts, Aesthetics & Literary Events

Through our flagship events Kalamanchika, IGNITE & Kalakruthi that happen once every two years, students showcase their talents, creativity & innovation. Vibrant displays of art, visual performances, active experimentation that demonstrate their understanding of science, mathematics and the world of social sciences, are a special feature of these events.

We encourage literary contributions of our students through Literary Activities where students explore multiple genres and representational styles. We encourage our learners to creatively contribute equally in Kannada, Hindi & Sanskrit.