Middle School - Class V to VII

At the middle school, our plan for learning evolves to accommodate a more structured curriculum. Students engage in a variety of exploratory learning activities that foster critical thinking, creativity, problem solving and inquiry. Academic excellence is blended with the pursuit of artistic expressions to achieve learning that is multi-disciplinary and holistic. Our learning engagement caters to the development of physical, socio-emotional, cognitive and moral development of the students across both scholastic and co-scholastic domains.

Teachers focus on helping students to establish simple routines that help in building accountability towards their learning. We encourage our learners to actively listen in the classroom, take notes and develop consistency in their study habits. We believe, this is an essential foundation for students as they progress into secondary and senior secondary levels.

Our school calendar accommodates special learning events that give our students an opportunity to exhibit their innovation and creativity and collaboratively learn from the work of their peers.

Language Study

Students continue to study two languages at the Middle School in addition to English. Student continue their study of the II and III Language, which continues from Primary School. The study of II Language is designed around building greater proficiency in the language including strengthening the associated grammar and skills of speaking and comprehension.

III Language study is largely aimed at providing students with an exposure to language. We provide our students with the option of Hindi or Sanskrit as their preferred choice for the III Language.


Through a combination of activities that are both individual and collaborative, we build an appreciation for learning that transcends subject boundaries. Our collaborative learning projects are multi-disciplinary and encourage applying learning to help solve real world problems. We believe in using Project Based Learning to foster innovation. Our students research on identifying specific areas that they would want to investigate. This, we believe, motivates them to use a variety of resources, research and find sustainable solutions.


Assessing students across scholastic and co-scholastic domains continues at the middle school. Our assessment strategy uses a combination of continuous assessment of skills and understanding in the classroom along with more structured assessments through scheduled test & examinations. Our teachers closely monitor student progress and provide appropriate feedback, that includes strategies and additional support that are aimed at strengthening the skills and knowledge of our students.

Co-Scholastic Programs

Our co-scholastic programs adopt specially designed curricula that helps develop aesthetics through visual art, health & fitness through sports and yoga while music, rhythm, dance and theatre encourage increased collaboration and the development of social skills in students.

STEAM Education (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Mathematics), is increasingly being portrayed as an essential 21st Century Learning requirement. At Vidyaniketan, our STEAM curriculum encourages a multi-disciplinary collaboration through projects that inspire students to bring forth innovations in design. The possibilities are endless, with the focus on IoT, Design Thinking and the use of open source tools in such projects.

We have strategically partnered with leading organisations that specialize in effective skill building through their curriculum that is innovative and contemporary. We work closely with our partners to provide students with quality instruction delivered through well trained specialists. We closely monitor the skill development of the students through periodic appraisal which also includes performances, games and a portfolio of student work.

We have partnered with FitKids to provide young children with a premier sports & PE program that integrates academic and wellness concepts while making it fun for all students.  

We introduce theatre and dramatics for students in Class V. BIMBA is our partner for imparting training for the students in the nuances of acting, emoting and various other aspects of theatre. Headed by the reputed theatre artist Dr.Kashyap (of Vijayanagara Bimba fame), his team encourages students out their inhibitions to explore the wonderful world of theatre. Student groups are encouraged to script and enact their plays as a part of their skills assessment in dramatics.

Our STEAM curriculum is delivered in partnership with Creya Learning and Research. Through interdisciplinary projects, students gain an exposure to the Design Thinking Framework, which facilitates innovation using manipulatives, coding as they connect theory to solve real world problems.