Senior Secondary School – Class XI and XII

At the Senior Secondary level, we provide our students with the option selecting from a vast array of subjects from Science, Commerce and the Humanities stream.

Students who prefer the Science Stream can select from the following combinations:

Language: English core

  1. Physics/Chemistry/Mathematics/Biology
  2. Physics/Chemistry/Mathematics/Computer Science
  3. Physics/Chemistry/Mathematics/Informatics Practice
  4. Physics/Chemistry/Biology/Psychology
  5. Physics/Chemistry/Mathematics/Economics

Student who opt for the Commerce Stream can select from the following combinations:

Language: English Core

  1. Accountancy/Business studies/Economics/Computer Science
  2. Accountancy/Business studies/Economics/Applied Mathematics
  3. Accountancy/Business studies/Economics/Psychology
  4. Accountancy/Business studies/Economics/Informatics Practice


Our experienced faculty at the Senior Secondary Level provide strong academic support to facilitate learning and help in preparing students for the CBSE Class XII AISSCE Examinations.

Our faculty encourage and support students to become responsible towards their academic success and provide ample opportunities to address their learning needs. Both our teachers and counsellors work in tandem with students who are in need for specialized help to address their social emotional wellbeing.

At Vidyaniketan, we believe that students at the senior secondary level need to have ample exposure to various careers options along with the specific preparation that needs to be undertaken to pursue such choices. We work with a diverse array of specialists who are invited to share their experiences and wisdom with our students. Through seminars and discussions, we create an ecosystem that helps students gain deeper understanding of future academic careers and their prospects.

Activities and Assesment

Our projects require students to pursue individual research and collaborate with their peers to demonstrate in depth understanding of their research areas. These projects are in accordance with the curricular expectations of the CBSE. We believe that these projects present students with an opportunity to enhance their learning through application of knowledge in subject specific domains.

Students participate in performing experiments in our state-of-the-art laboratories, which provide them with an experiential learning opportunity to extend their theoretical knowledge and apply the same in performing the experiments.

Co-Scholastic Programs

We engage with our Senior Secondary students in a collaborative way to design the co-scholastic activities that they wish to participate in through their academic study. Employing such a dialogic process provides us with an opportunity to harness their creativity and innovation. Such skills we believe are critical for them as they prepare to step into the tertiary university education. Students actively participate in sports and games, engage in theatre, dance, music and visual art showcasing their innate talents.

We also encourage a debating, science and commerce based seminars which provide them with opportunities to research about latest developments in their areas of interest and present their findings either individually or as teams.