Transportation at Vidyaniketan

The school provides a safe and secure transport facility for interested students. The school offers a fleet of contracted buses from the ‘Bangalore Metropolitan Transport Corporation’ (BMTC). These buses ply on selected routes with fixed pick-up/drop-off points. Students who are interested in availing the transport facility are required to submit the ‘Transport Request Form’ available on the school portal

Transport Safety Features

  • As a policy, the school only uses the contract buses from BMTC for the transportation of students.
  • As per the guidelines of the Department of Transportation, Government of Karnataka, each school bus has a dedicated attendant to help children during the Pick-Up and Drop.
  • The school does not authorize or recognize any private van operators/autorickshaw operators or any other form of private transportation for the safe transport of school students. The school does not take any responsibility for the safety of students who may be using Private Transportation of any kind. It is therefore made very clear, that Parents and/or Students who choose to use any Private Transportation (including self-driven vehicles/bi-cycles/ etc) do so at their own risk. The school accepts no responsibility for the same.