Secondary School – Class VIII to Class X

Students at the Secondary School level continue to engage with the curriculum in intricate and complex ways. The continued focus on building core academic skills in an interdisciplinary manner helps students prepare for the CBSE Class X AISSE Examinations. Our continued focus on building aptitudes and skills provides students the platform to make informed academic choices further in their academic studies.

The young adolescent learners of the Secondary School are actively encouraged to strengthen essential life skills that include self-regulation and resilience that ensures greater accountability towards their learning trajectories. Our teachers provide adequate and timely support for the students at the secondary level, helping them deal effectively with any academic or socio-emotional concerns. We adopt an open system, where students have the freedom to talk to their teachers or counsellors and specifically providing feedback and asking for assistance.

Language Study

Students continue to build their expertise in both English and their preferred choice for II and III language well into secondary school. Students are required to study III Language till Class VIII. Currently we offer students an option to choose from Kannada/Hindi or Sanskrit as their choice for second and third language.


Through a combination of activities that are both individual and collaborative, we build an appreciation for learning that transcends subject boundaries. Our collaborative learning projects are multi-disciplinary and encourage applying learning to help solve real world problems. We believe in using Project Based Learning to foster innovation. Our students research on identifying specific areas that they would want to investigate. This, we believe, motivates them to use a variety of resources, research and find sustainable solutions.


Student Assessment at the Secondary School is in accordance with the mandate provided from time to time by CBSE, Delhi. Students are assessed across scholastic and co-scholastic domains. Using a combination of continuous assessment and structured assessment schedules, we are able to understand the progression of skills and concepts in students. Our curricular plan is flexible to accommodate feedback from such assessments and classroom observations to continuously improve our pedagogical strategies and student outcomes.

Co-Scholastic Programs

Engaging students and encouraging participation in co-scholastic activities including sports, aesthetics, music, dance or theatre continues at the secondary level. We also believe that digital literacy is very important and through our STEM curriculum, we encourage students to explore and learn design and programming using an array of digital tools that provide them with exposure to IoT, 3D Modelling by blending electronics and software programming through open source tools like Arduino.

Our STEAM curriculum is delivered in partnership with Creya Learning and Research. Through interdisciplinary projects, students gain an exposure to the Design Thinking Framework, which facilitates innovation using manipulatives, coding as they connect theory to solve real world problems.

We partner with TENVIC, a specialist sports excellence center founded by Anil Kumble, Former Captain of the Indian Cricket Team. Their structured grassroots program offers scientifically developed training content for students provided by trained and certified coaches from the different sporting disciplines. Students are trained in Cricket, Football and Basketball.