Primary Years – Class I to IV

At the Primary Years, children continue their exploratory learning journey. Our curricular design blends structured instruction with learner autonomy, where the children experience the joy of experiential learning and establish real connections with the world around them. The introduction of a new language (II Language) is a significant step at the Primary Years.

Our teachers at the Primary Level, cater to learner interests and diversity by providing a variety of interesting activities and projects that enhance learning by making it both meaningful and exciting. At the Primary level, we further encourage our students to pay attention to details about how they learn. This is an important part of building awareness and developing their abilities to reflect and identify possible improvements.

Language Options

We strictly adhere to the Language Policy of the Government of Karnataka. All student seeking admission for Class I, are required to mandatorily opt for Kannada as the II Language of study.

We offer student with an option to study the III Language from Class III onwards. Students can choose between either Hindi or Sanskrit as their choice for the III Language.


Activities are essential to provide students with opportunities to apply their learning to real world contexts. Our learning plan uses an assortment of experiential activities that include those that promote hands on learning. Our curriculum extends beyond the confines of the classroom, where students engage in outdoor activities in the school. For the primary students we encourage and recommend simple activities that they can carry out with their parents and/or other family members. We believe this is essential to strengthen learning bonds in their homes.


At the Primary Level, we assess student learning across various scholastic and co-scholastic domains. We adopt a continuous approach to student assessment, with a combination of in-class assessments that largely focus on skills along with scheduled tests and examinations. Feedback from such assessments are critical to bring forth modifications to our curricular plan.

Apart from Scholastic Areas, we assess student participation in a variety of co-curricular activities including Sports, Yoga, Dance & Music (appropriate to the class level of the student) offered in the school. Student attitudes and behaviour are also closely evaluated. This is essential in providing the necessary support for the social-emotional well-being of our students.

Co-Scholastic Programs

Our co-scholastic programs adopt specially designed curricula that helps develop aesthetics through visual art, health & fitness through sports and yoga while music, rhythm, dance and theatre encourage increased collaboration and the development of social skills in students. We have strategically partnered with leading organisations that specialize in effective skill building through their curriculum that is innovative and contemporary. We work closely with our partners to provide students with quality instruction delivered through well trained specialists. We closely monitor the skill development of the students through periodic appraisal which also includes performances, games and a portfolio of student work.

We have partnered with FitKids to provide young children with a premier sports & PE program that integrates academic and wellness concepts while making it fun for all students.

GAIT, is a program that focusses on creative movement education. With a clear focus on the cognitive, physical, emotional and social aspects the learning modules of GAIT explore music and movement in a positive and stimulating environment.

SaPa is a global music program by the renowned violin icon Dr. L.Subramanian. The goal of the program is to use music as a gateway to developing skills like empathy, teamwork, and communication, and harnessing the power of the arts to nurture global citizens. Young children, learn a variety of songs from around the world that are both age appropriate and build awareness about the cultural diversity and richness.